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Dies schrieb Gitta auf Ihrem Blog BLONDWALK über Gina Lehnen Lingerie:

Good morning my dear ones!

Today’s blog post is primarily dedicated to home wear. However, who says that home wear cannot be stylish at the same time? Especially during busy events such as fashion weeks, I enjoy when I can change into something cozy and comfortable, considering I have been running around in heels and all dressed up to the nines. In addition, it makes me feel more like being at home away from home.

Therefore, I wanted to show you a few gorgeous home wear looks from Gina Lehnen that I was wearing during my travels through Milan and Paris.

My first home wear outfit is a super sexy black body with an incredibly well fit along with a deep back cutout by Andreas Sarda. This body is versatility usable, as you could also wear it in combination with a tight backless dress. On top of this sexy, black body, I was wearing a black dressing gown with laces by Prima Donna. Here again, you could also wear this gorgeous Kimono for a night out combined with a fine dress, as the lace details add the right amount of chic to it.

The second home wear look that I wore during my short stay in Milan is a cute, two-piece pajama with floral print by Gina Lehnen, which is by the way part of their current collection. Not only is this cute pajama super comfortable to wear, but it is also super stylish at the same time and the colorful, floral print are just in trend.

My next to home wear styles are from during my stay in Paris. The first look, that I would like to share with you, is again, a very comfortable one. Have you ever considered a pajama in poncho style? The navy-blue, 100% cotton terry pajama by Gina Lehnen keeps you wonderfully warm and cozy and thanks to the sophisticated design, it will also keep you in style. Moreover, the top piece would also look great if you just combine it with shorts, jeans or trousers, which makes it a real all-rounder.

The last look that I wanted to share with you is again something in black ?, which is definitely my favorite color when it comes to lingerie. This amazing silk dress with tulle by Marie Jo is not only super elegant, but it also radiates a seductive sexiness. Underneath the sexy silk dress, I am also wearing a black bra by Marie Jo, which harmonized nicely with it.

All these amazing home wear pieces are by the way available on and in order to save time I have already linked all the pieces for you. I hope you enjoyed this contribution about home wear and that I was able to inspire you again. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post about my looks during Paris fashion week, on!


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